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Flora Vezzá

Flora Vezzá is the “conductor” of the Musician’s Health department. Physiotherapist specializing in Ergonomics, has a Masters in Production Engineering and a PhD in Public Health. For more than a decade she has been dedicated to the health of musicians, both in the treatment of injuries and in the prevention of problems.

In her career, she has combined varied interests and work, which include people, neurology and movement control, ergonomics and work-related musculoskeletal disorders, foreign languages ​​and book translation. She worked in São Paulo, Paris and London.

She has always loved music, and in recent years has included it in her professional performance as a physiotherapist for several instrumentalists and in the Santo André Symphony Orchestra, São Paulo. She is the author of the book “Afinar o Movimento”, where she approaches the teaching of musical instruments from the point of view of teachers and discusses how to integrate health knowledge in the formation of the instrumentalist, proposing a jam session that brings together musicians and health professionals. In addition, she is a clarinet apprentice, a great enthusiast of life and has a lot of music inside her.

Natália Mendes

She is a Clinical Health Psychologist and works in a constructivist approach.
She has professional experience in various health contexts: primary and secondary health care, public and private health institutions, in a national and international context.
Her interest in the mental health and psychological factors of those who pursue a career in the Performing Arts came initially from the family context and later evolved into more formal contexts. This proximity led her to become aware of the specificities inherent to a performative career.

Due to her training and clinical experience in several areas that intersect with the needs of professionals in this field, she develops and applies the strand of intervention and psychological support for students and professionals in the Performing Arts.

Intervention valences cover anxiety management, management of painful conditions, lifestyle regulation oriented to specifics such as schedules, tours, sleep and eating behavior, performance optimization – mental skills training for perfectionism management, exposure to audiences, regulation emotional and physiological, participation in auditions, visualization techniques and imagery.