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28 Sep

The story behind the illustration of Iggy Pop – The Passenger

From the first moment, the M.Ou.Co. it was born to bring people, music and other arts into dialogue, in a dynamic and very plural conversation. It could not be otherwise, music is, once again, the starting point for new reflections, approaches and horizons and M.Ou.Co. its mission is to be a multidisciplinary space, where various artists can share their vision of a world of sound.
Thus, this first partnership was born with the artwork of Xan, a member of the M.Ou.Co family and an artist in his own name. The drawings that illustrate the rooms and each of the themes that sound them are his.
While working as an architect in Sydney, Xan began making artwork for Haydenshapes, Globe, Monsterchildren, Stab and other surf brands. In its unique style, where the loose creativity of a child and the calm maturity of an adult are mixed, different layers are visible, multiple details that hold and question those who see them. There is an almost wild side to his graphic approaches, but at the same time there is a discipline that makes every detail a work in itself. And at M.Ou.Co. there is an open door to receive and show them.

To learn more about Xan’s work, click here

This and other illustrations printed in handmade serigraphy, made in collaboration with an atelier in the city of Porto called COISA, can be purchased at the Hotel reception.

The passenger sounds punk and rebellious. It’s a song that seems to take us aimlessly around.
The song was composed by guitarist Ricky Gardiner and the lyrics, written on a train in Berlin, are loosely based on a poem by Jim Morrison, so I drew Iggy thinking of the book Masters and New Creatures.
In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Iggy Pop said he was inspired by the tour he did with David Bowie: “I was driving around North America and Europe in David’s car ad infinitum. I didn’t have a driving license or a car”.
That car was a midnight blue Lincoln Continental, which is why Iggy is in the passenger seat and the car has a license plate saying Bowie. Want a ride?