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In a place dedicated entirely to the world of music, we have created a specialised health area, the Instrument Clinic. It is a unique and remarkable space in the city, which works with musicians and instrumentalists to analyse the way the instrument is played and the relationship that is established between instrument and musician.

Nothing is left to chance and numerous issues related to physical health, musical performance, possible trauma and continuous performance improvement are explored.

When performing in unison, a musician and their instrument are as one. It is from this intimate relationship that, based on ergonomic knowledge, posture and movements are analysed while playing, as is the music-making context: the instrument and the space, the ancillary support devices, and also practice and performance methods. The analysis is recorded on video so that there are exchanges and discussions with the instrumentalist and subsequent guidance on what can be changed or corrected so that the relationship becomes more harmonious.

If you would like to get involved, contact us: musicandhealth@mouco.pt