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"Music makes the people come together, Music makes the bourgeoise and the rebel"


In a place where a lot goes on, one of the sweetest notes is the enormous privilege that comes with sharing. It is the good fortune of arriving with a suitcase of clothes and leaving with another full of friends. It is the joy of coming up with ideas and creating new things together. At M.Ou.Co. we foster this exchange dynamic, where each person brings a little of themselves and their work, complementing the pieces brought by others, like an organic, living and infectious jigsaw puzzle. Little by little there are more of us, then many, and the music spreads, floating over the walls and out into the streets.

This is our vision of a musical city. And this is why M.Ou.Co. opens the doors of its main hall, its gardens and other areas to concerts, artistic residencies, discussions, workshops and all activities that centre around music, but where other arts intersect. Music, as we imagine and experience it, is multidisciplinary, democratic and free. Let us be carried away by the sound she makes.

*Summer 2021 programme, more information soon.