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M.Ou.Co. Hotel

“Living is good | In the curves of the road | Loneliness, that nothing

Living is good | Departure and arrival | Loneliness, that nothing

Loneliness, that nothingCazuza

There are numerous hotels that became iconic because of the music that lived in them. What would the Chelsea Hotel or the Chateau Marmont be were it not for their rooms and corridors being immortalised in song?

At M.Ou.Co. we also want to be part of a story: yours. We are open so that you can bring your memories and listen to ours.

From check-in to check-out, we want you to experience everything intensely with your own customised soundtrack. We arrange lively days and nights that need not begin with a lullaby. Here, everyone decides their own rhythm, whether they want to have fun or drift off to sleep.

At M.Ou.Co., all we want is for that rhythm to be multicultural, promoting sharing and sparking creativity. This spirit permeates the 62 rooms designed for music lovers or those seeking a new hotel experience. M.Ou.Co. promises wonderful days and amazing nights for all, in the discovery of how a hotel is much more than the sum of its parts.

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